Early American history lesson plans

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What is Teach Social Studies?

Great question! Teach Social Studies is a site dedicated to creating high quality lessons to transform your classroom. We are currently gathering lessons for early American history classes.

What makes Teach Social Studies different than other sites with online lessons?

Another fantastc question! At Teach Social Studies, we create units that maximize content knowledge, skill development, and student engagement to help you get the most out of the precious (and very limited) time you have with your classes.

TSS Philosophy

We believe that it is the teacher's responsibility to create opportunities for students to become well-rounded learners. Therefore, we balance our units throughout the year so that students have multiple chances to practice and learn new skills.

How can I stay updated with what Teach Social Studies has to offer?

You're on a roll! The best way to stay updated is to register and you'll be the first to know when we have new lessons available.